Founder of The Fashion Week Experience, James Corbett kicks off New York City Fashion Week – 2022 with designer showcases by some of the most creative minds in America.  The Fashion Week Experience (TFWE) is one of the premiere fashion show platforms during New York Fashion Week in NYC.  On Saturday, September 10, 2022 TFWE will be produced at Father Duffy Square from 12pm – 6pm.  In its 7th consecutive year, TFWE offers a full runway show outdoors in the epicenter of Fashion in America… right in the heart of Times Square, NYC.


Photo Credit: John Helmke


Showcasing 2-brands during 2021’s show, namely HealthJox and CorDuRoi, Dewry DuRoi will attend this year as a recipient of a very coveted award which commends the work that his 501(c)(3) nonprofit performs within New York City.  Along with live performances, there will be a portion of the show set aside to present awards to some of the most impactful individuals in New York City.  Amongst the list of recipients of the “I Love New York” award will be the Mayor of New York City – Eric Adams; the Manhattan Borough President – Mark Levine; the President of Times Square Alliance – Tom Harris; Founder of HealthJox Foundation, Inc. – Dewry DuRoi Bradford.  Other recipients will be Mohikas – receiving the “Rising Star Designer” award and CJackson Long Island – receiving the “Designer of the Year” award.  There will also be special guest such as philanthropist, socialite and mistress of ceremonies – Jean Shafiroff.  The presenters are James Corbett, Dee Rivera – founder & producer of Times Square Fashion Week and Venessa Coppes – CEO & Editor of Bella Magazine.


Eric Adams, Brooklyn borough president and Democratic candidate for New York City mayor speaks during a debate with Republican candidate for New York City mayor Curtis Sliwa at the ABC 7 studios in New York, Tuesday, Oct. 26, 2021. (Eduardo Munoz/Pool Photo via AP)


The Fashion Week Experience supports HealthJox Foundation’s – “Pursuing Purpose Program”.

According to Mr. Corbett, he takes these opportunities to connect fashion to causes that help to eradicate issues that plague New Yorkers in the 5-boroughs in hopes of making an impact.  He adds that this year, he is proud to produce an event to bring awareness to violence within New York City.  Aligning his brand with nonprofits such as HealthJox Foundation, Inc. who is set to launch its alternative to prison program in 2023 called “Pursuing Purpose Program”, will allow Mr. Corbett to continue the conversation of crime prevention in the Community as well as creating solutions to an already out of control epidemic.  Brooklyn’s own HealthJox Foundation’s Executive Director – Dewry DuRoi Bradford said, “The Pursuing Purpose Program is not your ordinary health & sports program.  Youth will be encouraged to discover their purpose in life and then work to cultivate and monetize their skills and creativity.  Our concern is the “mental health” of our Community Members.  Youth will be taught the value of family, community, love, friendship, health & sports, as well as mental health illness, which is a huge epidemic in our Community.  With our trained staff, Youth will learn about mental health solutions, anti-bullying/non-violence tips, basic skills of parenting, and help Youth struggling with everyday life’s challenges.  Youth will access our literacy programs that will teach economics, crypto-currency, self-esteem, character development, and technical skills that will increase the quality of people in our neighborhoods.  They will also learn about conventional and holistic techniques through our pediatricians, sport coaches, clinical social workers, and other holistic modalities.”  


HealthJox Foundation Inc. Founder – Dewry DuRoi Bradford set to receive the “I Love New York” award from the Fashion Week Experience during New York City Fashion Week – 2022 in Times Square.


Some members of HealthJox Foundation’s “Pursuing Purpose Program”: Zak Solomon Miller, Michael Smith Baker, Nfr KaRaa, Kayla Swindell, Char Newell & Founder – Dewry DuRoi Bradford.


Created by James Corbett and branded by Dewry DuRoi Bradford, The Fashion Week Experience sets the tone for NYC Fashion Week – 2022 with a host of different brands ranging from streetwear to high fashion.  With well over 15-years of fashion and events experience and catering to over 1,000 Designers from all around the globe, award-winning executive producer James Corbett has proven that he has what it takes to make an entertaining and viable platform.

The Fashion Week Experience founder – James Corbett






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